"The best magazine on Belize by far."

--Peter Eltringham, The Rough Guide Belize

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You'll enjoy Belize First if you ...

Are interested in living or retiring on the Caribbean Coast, where the sea is blue, the language is English, the price of land is still affordable (would you believe as low US$100 an acre?!?!), and the cost of living is surprisingly low.

Love diving, snorkeling, or fishing ... on the second-longest barrier reef system in the world.

Are intrigued by Mayan ruins, rain forests, and exotic wild life including the jaguar, ocelot, mountain cow, and howler monkey.

Enjoy traveling in an undeveloped, unpopulated land (fewer than 270,000 people in an area the size of Massachusetts) where the official language is English.

Love exploring and eco-traveling in a friendly, multi-cultural, peaceful, and democratic country still unspoiled by mass tourism.

Enjoy staying in small personality inns, jungle lodges, remote island resorts, and B&Bs... eating fresh local seafood and drinking ice-cold local beers and rums and other drinks (and, YES you can drink the water).

Expect your magazine to be literate, candid, and full of solid information.


Selected articles from Belize First Magazine.
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Offshore Med Schools in Belize
Special Report: Living, Investing and Retiring in Belize
A Review of Jaguar Paw Resort
In the Days of British Honduras
Gasp. Choke. Cough. Not in Belize, Thank You.
3 Top Jungle Lodges
Driving in Belize: Road Update
Pooches in Paradise: The Dogs of Belize

Note:  These articles are from past editions and may not be fully updated.News and information about Belize.

Hotels, lodges, inns, resorts & B&Bs recommended by Belize First (recommendations based on merit, not on advertising!)

First-person updates on lodging, restaurants and tours, provided by Belize First readers and friends.

Complete text-only back issues of Belize First -- the equivalent of more than 600 pages of candid, reliable information (new editions are represented by sample articles) Note:  These back issues posted for their historical value -- they are not updated!


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