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The following list of recommended restaurants in Belize is NOT comprehensive, but these are some that we believe consistently offer good food and value in the price category. Restaurants of special note, due to excellent value, friendly owners, or superior food are highlighted in CAPITAL LETTERS. Our VERY special faves are highlighted in BOLD CAPS. Hotel restaurants primarily serving meals to hotel guests only -- such as remote caye or jungle lodges -- are usually not included here.

The type of food primarily served by the restaurant is indicated in parentheses. Belizean-American generally means some Belize dishes, mainly Creole, such as rice and beans and stew chicken along with some U.S.-style dishes such as hamburgers, fried chicken or steak. Most restaurants in Belize, regardless of type, serve some Creole dishes and many serve seafood and a few Mexican dishes. Inexpensive Mexican (often called "Spanish" by Belizeans) dishes such as tacos, tamales, salbutes and garnaches are available at many small local restaurants and street vendors in Orange Walk Town, Corozal Town, Belize City and elsewhere in Belize.

Price range: A (typically over US$25 for one person for dinner); B (US$12-$25); C (under US$12).

Rates do not include gratuities, 12.5% government tax, or alcoholic beverages. Please tell us about good restaurants we may have overlooked.

COROZAL AREA: Y NOT GRILL AT TONY'S (Belizean-American), B; COROZAL BAY INN, B; PATTI'S BISTRO (Belizean), B/C;  Hok'ol K'in (Belizean-American), C; Nestor's (American), C; Bayview (Belizean-American, Mexican), C; CACTUS PLAZA (Mexican), C; Venky's (Indian), C; CERROS BEACH RESORT, near Copper Bank (Seafood, Eclectic), B/C; Copper Bank Inn (Belizean), C.


BELIZE CITY AREA: RIVERSIDE TAVERN, A/B;  SMOKY MERMAID at The Great House (American), A/B ;  Radisson Fort George (American), A;  Bird's Isle (Belizean), B; MACY'S (Creole), C; CHON SAAN PALACE (Chinese), C; NERIE'S (Belizean), C; Marlin's (Creole), C; vendors at the old market and small food shops, C; Sumathi (Indian), C; Wet Lizard (American), C; Big Daddy's (Belizean), C.

CAYO: BLANCANEUX (Italian-American), A; LODGE AT CHAA CREEK (Eclectic), A; Running W at Hotel San Ignacio (Belizean-American), A/B; SERENDIB (Sri Lankan), B/C; KA'ANA (Eclectic), A; Cahal Pech Village (Belizean-American), B/C; MYSTIC RIVER (Eclectic), A;  TABLE ROCK LODGE (Belizean-American), B; FIVE SISTERS (Belizean), B;  SANNY's (Belizean-American), B/C; AGUADA (Belizean-American), C; ERVA'S (Belizean), B/C;  B; HODE'S PLACE, (Belizean, B/C); MARTHA'S, (Belizean-American) C; CLARISSA FALLS (Belizean-American-Mexican), C;  KO-OX HAN-NAH, formerly Hannah's (Belizean), B/C;  Eva's (Belizean-American), C; MOTHER'S PLACE, B/C (American); OLD FRENCH BAKERY, (French), C; BENNY'S KITCHEN, Succotz (Belizean), C; MR. GREEDY'S PIZZA (Pizza), C.

BELMOPAN AREA: RISTORANTE PUCCINI'S (Italian/Eclectic), B/C; Bull Frog Inn (Belizean-American), B/C; CALADIUM (Belizean), C.

AMBERGRIS CAYE: ROJO LOUNGE & MARKET, A; RED GINGER (Seafood/American), A; CAPRICORN, (Seafood, Belizean-American), A; BLUE WATER GRILL (Seafood), A/B;  RENDEZVOUS (Thai-French fusion), A; Mambo at Mata Chica (Italian), A+; Portofino, A/B; Celi's (Seafood), B; EL DIVINO at Banana Beach, (Steak, American) A/B;  WILD MANGO's (Mexican/Belizean), B; HIDDEN TREASURE (Seafood/American), A; SUNSET GRILL (Seafood), A; DANDE'S FROZEN CUSTARD (Ice Cream), C; PINOCCHIO (Italian), B; ELVI's (Seafood, Belizean-American), A/B; Estelle's (Seafood, Belizean-American), B; JAM-BEL's JERK PIT (Jamaican), B; PALMILLA at Victoria House (Eclectic), A; Ambergris Cuisine (Belizean-American) B/C; COCINA CARAMBA (Belizean-Seafood), B/C;  Fido's (Pizza, Belizean-American), B/C; Ruby's (Belizean-American, breakfast/lunch), C; LEGEND'S (Burgers), B/C; Lazy Croc BBQ (Barbecue), B/C; Tropical Takeout (Belizean-American), C; Casa Pan Dulce (Bakery), C; CALIENTE (Belizean-Mexican), A/B; Aji Tapa Bar, B; BC'S(Barbecue-American), B; Lion's Club Barbeque (Barbecue), C; various street vendors on Front Street, (Belizean-American/Mexican, Barbeque), C; Anijitos San Telmo (Belizean), C.

CAYE CAULKER: HABERNEROS (Seafood, Eclectic), A/B;  ROSE'S (Seafood), B/C; SAND BOX (Belizean-American, Seafood), B/C; Raimbow Grill & Bar (Seafood), B/C;  Femi's (Seafood-Belizean), B/C; Jolly Roger's (Seafood), B/C; Syd's (Seafood), B/C; Glenda's (Belizean-American, breakfast), C; Cindy's (Breakfast), C; Amor y Café (Breakfast), C.

DANGRIGA AREA: Pelican Beach Resort (Belizean-American), B; King Burger (Belizean-American), C; Riverside Café (Belizean), C.

HOPKINS AREA:   Jaguar Reef Lodge (Belizean-American), A; HAMANASI, (American/Seafood), A/B;  BEACHES AND DREAMS (Belizean-American/Seafood), B; Ruthie's (Belizean-American), C; IRIS' (Belizean-American), C.

PLACENCIA AREA: BISTRO AT MAYA BEACH HOTEL, (American-Eclectic), A/B;  INN AT ROBERT'S GROVE (Seafood, American);  FRENCH CONNECTION (Continental), A; TURTLE INN (Seafood-Italian), A; WENDY'S (Seafood-Belizean), B/C;  DANUBE (Austrian), B; PICKLED PARROT, B/C (Belizean-American); OMAR'S (Belizean-American, Mexican), C; RUMFISH Y VINO (Tapas, Eclectic), B; DA TATCH (Belizean-American), B/C; Yoli's (Belizean-American), C; TUTTI-FRUITI (Ice Cream), C.

PUNTA GORDA:   MACHACA HILL (Eclectic), A; HICKATEE COTTAGES (Belizean-Organic), B/C; MARIAN'S BAYVIEW (Belizean-Indian), C; Emery's (Seafood/Belizean), C;  MANGROVE INN (Belizean-American), B/C; GOMIER'S (Vegetarian), B/C;  Grace's (Belizean), C; Earth Runnin's (Belizean), B/C; Coleman's Cafe, Big Falls (Belizean), C.

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